Vienna Comic Con presents its own Aurora Craft Beer
Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

Vienna Comic Con presents its own Aurora Craft Beer

When the "Vienna Comic Con", the largest comic exhibition in the country, will be launched on 19 November, the first comic con beer will be presented for the first time. The Liesinger Craft brewers of 100 flowers have created the "Aurora Craft Beer" for the event.

So the new label of the "Aurora-Craft" will look.

The beginning was the combination of beer and comics in New York, where the Brooklyn Brewery launched its own beer for the convention for the first time: the "Defender IPA". Since then, every city, where the fair is held, has tried to establish its own beer.

A feminine light

The Aurora has consciously a female character. The other comic beers are traditionally more male dominated. The beer is a bright top-fermented. The main ingredient is Slovenian Aurora hop, which gives the drink a light citrus note. The special edition will be available for 1-2 months - of course at the comic-fair, but also in the Viennese craft-beer specialist shops.


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