Chapter 4 Austria is a Marketing and Communication Agency in Vienna, specialized in the markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland (DACH region). Chapter 4 Austria is part of the Chapter 4 Group with 12 offices and 90 employees. As an owner-managed company we offer:

  • Flexibility and full commitment to our customers
  • Best knowledge of the media landscape as well as political and economic context
  • Sound expertise in strategic
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  • Partner
    Thinking and acting as a network is the key to success. This applies to us as much as it does to our customers. From the very start, Chapter 4 has invested in...
    Tuesday, 1. October 2019
    On September 26th and 27th, the Chapter 4 Management Board Meeting took place for the 16 th time, in Vienna. The managing directors from a total of 10 countries gathered: Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and...Read more
  • Marketing in verschiedenen Kulturen
    Monday, 15. October 2018
    Marketing in different cultures is fraught with dangers if you are not careful. We would like to suggest some steps that can be taken to ensure your marketing is received as you intended it. Calling...Read more
    Tuesday, 29. May 2018
    On May 24th and 25th, the Chapter 4 Group‘s Board Meeting took place in Belgrade , Serbia. Directors from each country office shared the latest news on the ongoing local businesses by updating the...Read more
  • Effective communication
    Friday, 27. April 2018
    Every person has predominate patterns that drive how they communicate and respond to situations. And very often, as consultants, it is crucial for us to understand who we are dealing with. So let's...Read more
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