Client Benefit: CH4 Tools

In order to offer our Clients added value, we put innovation in the center of our work. With this in mind, we have developed a set of tools we use in our daily work, to combine communication efforts and business results.

CH4 BusinessLink

The CH4 BusinessLink is an output-based measurement tool for PR and marketing, which combines the know-how and technology of generating leads.

What it does:

  • Connects your brand with all your content
  • Creates memorable links
  • Tracks and measures traffic on dedicated links
  • Adds keywords to any campaigns
  • Increases link and source trust
  • Adds call to action
  • Avoids blocklisted general shorteners

CH4 Content Factory

The communication industry is going through change, the shift is inevitable. There is one constant though – content. It changes format and channels, but remains relevant.

This is why Chapter 4 employs a team of former journalists and industry experts in many areas. They are highly skilled writers who understand the context of the bits and pieces that we need to produce for our clients. May it be a scenario for a video, a social media story or just a regular press release – the CH4 Content Factory is our answer to today’s content challenges.

CH4 Crisis Formula

Today, we live in an always-on society. Everyone is connected, 24/7. To tackle this challenge for our clients, we have added a 1-2-3 crisis level alert that reports issues almost in real-time:

  • Level 1 (green) is neutral and not urgent
  • Level 2 (orange) is a client mention in a negative context and can mean an upcoming crisis
  • Level 3 (red) is the indicator that the client is already in a crisis and needs to react immediately

Part of this service at Chapter 4 is also having a dedicated agency contact who is available 24/7.

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